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DIY Website – Step 1

This tutorial is for anyone who wants to setup a completely free website with no domain name registration necessary, no website hosting necessary and using a FREE online platform. Many clubs, small business owners and those on a strictly limited budget start easily in this way. PLEASE NOTE: Even though it’s completely free, the website […]

DIY Website – Step 2

NEXT – Go to and create your new FREE website. You’ll notice that your website name now ends in Don’t worry about this. In many ways it will benefit you and in some ways it won’t. Disadvantages Of Free Websites In General: They often have limited space and capabilities. WordPress offers unlimited space. You […]

DIY Website – Step 3

Congratulations – you have just created the beginning of a wonderful website … your very own website! It probably looks a little plain with a simple black header, unusual looking sidebar and plain white pages, but don’t worry, in this step we’ll show you how to change the colour or choose a completely NEW theme, […]

Enable Or Disable Comments Sitewide

For WordPress Blogs And Websites Today I wanted to disable all the comments in a wordpress website to make it look MORE like a website, not like an interactive blog. If I only had a few posts it’s easy to do it in the regular dashboard one at a time. But as this particular site […]

Get More FREE Website Visitors

How To Get The Right Visitors To Your Website – The Type That Will Most Likely Buy From You – It’s relatively easy to get traffic to your websites these days, especially using a few simple tricks. I personally get fantastic results using facebook to attract thousands of visitors to my 500 Confessions Book website. I […]

Best Way To Get Noticed On The Intern...

HOW TO GET TO NUMBER 1 SPOT IN GOOGLE? As a web designer I often get asked what I think is the best way to get noticed on the internet, or how to get to number one spot in Google – good questions! One of my clients today was approached by a company who claimed to be […]

What’s In A Domain Name?

Want some NEW ideas for a ‘catchy’ domain name…? There’s a neat little online tool that will help you get great ideas for a new domain name, and it’s called Name Boy. You can choose a few relevant words, type them into the selector and this amazing tool will come up with combinations of suggestions […]

Best Search Engine Optimization Advic...

If you wanted the best advice on Search Engine Optimization … where would you go? If you wanted to know the best ways to create your website so google indexes it higher in searches … who would you ask? If you wanted to have inside knowledge into what is important to google … how much […]

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