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Edit Pictures From An Existing Accoun...

Most photographs taken directly from your camera really need some enhancement in order to be able to use them effectively on your website. Whether you’re adding a drop shaddow or a frame or making some other type of border, vignetting or reflection, some editing tools are better than others. If you find that you need […]

Where To Get Website Photographs

When you build a website, you ultimately need good images to display your style, your products or your services. If you can take professional quality photographs yourself then you already have a head-start. But, even then, you need to know how to work with those images to enhance them for use on the Internet…and change […]

How To Enhance Photographs For Websit...

A website generally needs some sort of pictures, buttons, images and photographs to showcase your particular style, display your products or entice people to use your services. If you are unwilling to purchase stock photographs then you might want to take your own with a good digital camera. Below are some of the many websites […]

How To Upload And Sort Photos In Word...

STEP 1. Log into your wordpress dashboard, navigate to the post or page you want to upload your pictures to then press UPLOAD/INSERT. A dialogue box will open for you to select the pictures you want to upload. See below. PLEASE NOTE: You have the choice of using either the “flash uploader” or the “browser […]

How To Create A Picture Gallery In Wo...

WordPress now has the capability to add a gallery of pictures to each page without even needing a separate gallery plugin. These things help to make is so much easier to add your own gallery of pictures to your page or post. Copy the pictures you want to use to a separate folder and place […]

Editing Images In WordPress

There are several ways to edit images in wordpress. If you’ve already uploaded them, here is a direct way by logging into your dashboard selecting POSTS >> EDIT POSTS and choosing the one you want to edit. 1. Enlarge your edit box by pulling your cursor down on the bottom right hand side until the […]

Adding Titles And Captions To Picture...

HERE’S HOW TO ADD APPROPRIATE INFORMATION TO A PHOTO UPLOADED INTO A WORPDRESS WEBSITE … as you upload each picture, there are various sections that you can change, add useful information to and improve to maximise your websites searchability. Title = (defaults to the name of the image file) This is generally the name given […]

Sourcing Local Photographs

Pictures And Images For Websites – Just recently I discovered a website that had placed one of my photographs on display to promote their website. I’m OK that they use the picture, but I did contact them to let them know I require a link back to my website in order for them to comply […]

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