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Enable Or Disable Comments Sitewide

For WordPress Blogs And Websites Today I wanted to disable all the comments in a wordpress website to make it look MORE like a website, not like an interactive blog. If I only had a few posts it’s easy to do it in the regular dashboard one at a time. But as this particular site […]

Remove Spam From WordPress Database

I was just doing a clean up of my wordpress databases and realised that the SPAM comments were still being recorded in the akismet history, so after an extensive search I found an easy solution to removing the entire history files without removing the approved comments and pingbacks. I now use this procedure to remove […]

Rename WordPress Database For Securit...

This is a complete list of simple actions to take to – add a new wordpress installation in cpanel rename the wordpress database from wrdp_1 to whatever name you like (usually the nickname of your website) add the appropriate username to that newly named database change the config.php file using your file manager or ftp client […]

How To Change Database Name

When installing WordPress through fantastico, it automatically creates a new database with a generic prefix of wrdp1. If you have a few databases installed in your account it’s so much easier to rename them all to something that reflects the actual website they are associated with and provides an increased level of security. This useful […]

Problem/Solution WP Ecommerce Duplica...

Problem: Duplicate products were being displayed when using the productspage shortcode on a Page. The Cause: This tends to happen if you use the drag and drop sorting of products while viewing all categories. That’s right, you’ll get duplicate products and sometimes not all of the products will show up too. Solution: While this is […]

How To Change The Default Media Uploa...

The default size for all images uploaded in wordpress are – 150 X 150 thumbnail, 300 X 300 medium and 1024 X 1024 maximum. When constructing a new site, I usually change these to suit the page width for each website theme I’ve used. For example, the maximum embed size on this page is 750 […]

How To Remove Blog Archive From Heade...

WordPress Websites by default show the words Blog Archive in the address bar on each post. It’s always a good idea for search engine optimisation to remove these words and allow the title of your post to be displayed instead. The fix is a simple one. 1. To remove the words “Blog Archive”, do this: […]

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