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How To Create A Picture Gallery In WordPress

WordPress now has the capability to add a gallery of pictures to each page without even needing a separate gallery plugin. These things help to make is so much easier to add your own gallery of pictures to your page or post.

  1. Copy the pictures you want to use to a separate folder and place it in an easy place to find, usually on your desktop. (I like to name each image appropriately prior to uploading to make it easier in the following step 5 using a hyphen in between each word instead of spaces).
  2. Login to your dashboard and create a post or page to add your picture gallery into.
  3. Place your cursor on the page and click on the Upload/Insert link. You can choose to use the flash uploader (easier) or the browser uploader (available if your flash uploader is not working).
  4. From there you will be asked to search for the images you want to upload. Navigate to the folder you created in step 1. and open it. Select the images you want to include in your gallery by using the SHIFT key and press OPEN.
  5. While the pictures are uploading you can add titles or descriptions.
  6. Once the pictures have all been uploaded, you can choose the way your gallery is SORTED at the top of the dialogue box by selecting the order, (ascending, descending), by ordering them numerically or by moving them with your cursor (the easiest way of all to move them).
  7. You can choose the way your gallery is DISPLAYED at the bottom of the dialogue box by selecting the way you want the images ordered, (time uploaded, title or randomly etc) and the number of columns you’d like to use. I tend to find that 3 or 4 columns works the best but it really depends on the width of your page.
  8. Make sure you press “INSERT GALLERY” and the appropriate code will be added to your page or post. PUBLISH the page or post and you’re done. Below you’ll find a gallery of my own photographs taken during a recent trip to ITALY.


Elizabeth Richardson currently lives on The Gold Coast Of Australia and is a mother, teacher, business developer, author of the International Best Seller 500 Confessions, founder of The Appreciation Space and Get Rid Of Bad Habits - for good! As a teacher she helped many small business owners get started with Build Your Own Websites Classes in South Gippsland and on The Gold Coast. These days Elizabeth enjoys a life of total luxury but still plays as a writer, professional photographer and web designer. Her passion for living, loving and laughing, remains at the forefront of her focus.

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